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The Therapist Research Project ( Annie The Chatbot)

Slogan: Supporting and de-stigmatising mental health in conservative communities using artificial intelligence.

The Therapist's Aim:

To design and implement an AI-powered tool to provide accessible, convenient and less stigmatised mental health support in conservative communities.


  • To examine the current state of mental health support in conservative communities, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar

  • To explore the impact of shame and stigma on accessing mental health support

  • To analyse the resilience of the younger generation in conservative communities and whether they are more prone to developing mental health issues such as anxiety and depression

  • To design and implement a bilingual LLM model to support the chatbot

  • To explore the effectiveness of an AI tool in empathising with mental health sufferers

We are looking for academics based in the Gulf region to be involved in our project. 

Initially, we would like to discuss the concept of AI to support mental health with experts in this field. 

In time, this will be followed by trialling our new AI chatbot, Annie, to test its applicability and impact and to revise and amend as necessary.


Please click the Contact US link if you are interested in being involved or if you are aware of any individuals or organisations who may be interested.


Together we can make a difference.

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