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a bit about me:

Dr Mabrouka is an AI specialist with experience in machine learning, cybersecurity, and medical applications of deep learning technologies. She is also a computer science lecturer passionate about teaching and helping others learn about these cutting-edge technologies.

In addition to her professional work, she is an active STEM ambassador and academic mentor, dedicated to promoting STEM education and supporting the next generation of computer science professionals. Her expertise extends to robotics and electronics, and she has worked on several exciting projects in these areas.

Her expertise in these fields has allowed her to work on a variety of interesting developments and make a positive impact on the world. She is always looking for new opportunities to grow and learn and is excited to see where the future of deep learning and computer science will take her. 

She delivers talks to different mediums, such as organisations, colleges and schools.

She is a fellow of teaching in higher education and a former TEDx talks Swansea and TEDx women organiser. 

In 2022 she was nominated for the Women in IT excellence award for the Role model of the year category and Woman of the year category. In the same year, she was nominated for the USW student award for the best supervisor and the best course leader of the year. 
In 2019 she was a finalist nominee for the Women in IT excellence award for the Role model of the year category. 
In 2018 she had a special IET Wales lecture to celebrate the women in engineering year. 
In 2017 she was named the most influential woman in computer science at Swansea University.  She gave a Soapbox science talk about her research,” the internet of things that really matter” in the same month BBC wales radio interviewed her on their ”the science cafe” to recognise her activities in research and as a STEM ambassador. 


I am an Educator

Is a    person who provides instruction or education; An educator coaches individuals to become what is essential — to develop into human beings who are fully alive.

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